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Sean Wheller
Mar 11 2008
Bluetooth Advertising for the Small and Medium Business
Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Some may have noticed the banner I'm now running on my blog and wondered what on earth Sean is doing now. Well, I've finally found a way for small and medium businesses to use proximity advertising without breaking the bank. It's called Ad-Pods and I am now the Ad-Pod South African Affiliate. I've been hard at working putting up the new website and will shortly start on a nationwide advertising and marketing campaign to bring on board customers and other affiliates in South Africa.

Ad-pods is revolutionary, it turns the whole proximity marketing concept on its' head by finally making it possible for any small business to use Bluetooth technology as a means to advertise to customers. Until now it has cost lots of money to have a system like this and even more to keep advertising with it.

With Ad-Pods businesses have a one time investment a device called an Ad-Pod and thereafter can send as many adverts to any Bluetooth enabled cellphone as they want. I won't explain it all here as the website does a much better job and gives flash videos that explain the concept and how it works in full.

The possibilities with  Ad-Pods are endless. Any business can use it. Being an Estate Agent I am particularly excited about the opportunities for Estate Agents. I think that very soon every Estate Agent, even one man shows, will be using Ad-Pods.

Anyway, I am really excited to be working with the Ad-Pods team as this concept has taken off like wild fire in the United Kingdom and United States. Being the Ad-Pods South African Affiliate presents an enormous challenge and opportunity to me. However, I would also like to share this opportunity with others by inviting anyone who wants to help market Ad-Pods to join me as an Ad-Pods affiliate .

Together we can make a real change and make some great residual income along the way. 

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Brennan     | | 2008-03-13 09:31:44

Yeah i had a look its very interesting.

Tell me do you have a SA rand price?
Sean     | | 2008-03-15 11:52:43
Price is 1000 Pound Sterling so whatever the exchange rate is to the Pound at the time. I know it seems steep, but it's cheap when you consider what people are charging for limited advertising. With ad-pods you get unlimited use as it's yours to own.
Stefani   | | 2008-03-18 15:29:56
How does this compare with the prices of advertising real estate on saturday star or other large papers? and can i replace that kind of advertising with this?
Sean   | | 2008-03-18 18:03:20
Initial cost is a OneTime investment <img src=illy:' />

So once you have your own ad-pod it can travel with you. Imagine, park it at Cresta shopping center on a Saturday morning in your car and go shopping.

The pod will send message to any and all bluetooth enabled cellphones that go past in the parking lot.

That's to say, the cost of the messages sent comes at the unbeatable price of FREE. :evil:
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