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Sean Wheller
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Apr 23 2008
Bookmark Your Property Website
Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Today I launched another piece of South African Internet Real Estate. It's a niche social bookmarking website focused property.

The website is simply called Property Bookmarks and aims to give people a place where they can organize and share their bookmarks to websites that are in some way related to property.

As many know, I run the Property Investor Network website where there is a free forum and thousands of people interested in property chatting about all types of things property related. The idea or need for the Property Bookmarks website has been born out of the Property Investor Network website.

People often link to their websites or other websites inside the Property Investor Network forum. Not something we want as it encourages people to just register in order to post their link. To avoid this I have put up the Property Bookmark website. The idea being that they will not have to link inside the PIN forum. Now they can get much more exposure for free at the Property Bookmarks website.

Anyone who uses a forum knows that it is often difficult to find things. This is because forums do not structure information in the best way for retrieving information. So links to useful property websites tend to get sprinkled around the forum making it hard to recollect and access them in a useful manner. So the other purpose of the Property Bookmarks website is to provide a tool that is useful in organizing, accessing and sharing property related website links.

Think of sites like who are huge social bookmark sites. They are great tools, but they are used to bookmark everything and anything. This makes it difficult to search for and access a list of bookmarks that are solely related to a single topic. So with Property Bookmarks, users will not have this problem. All the bookmarks will be about property.

The search engines should love it. I mean it is so niche and still wide enough to be an authority resource for anyone looking for property related sites. I hope that it will index well and serve as a great tool to generate targeted users to all the property websites on the South African internet. 

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