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Sean Wheller
Mar 20 2008
e-Learning - Take your Property Education Online
Thursday, 20 March 2008

Been hard at work the past few months and it shows, I've not been blogging as regularly as I would normally. So here's a blog to let everyone know just what's been keeping me from my normal things.

As you know I run the Property Investor Network website which has built a good reputation as the best online community in the South African domain space for people wanting to learn about property investing. Along with the usual community forum, we've been doing a number of other things for the community, all related to investing in property and educating about property investing.

One of the things we did last year was to develop the Property Investor Letting Workshop. We conducted a number of workshops around the country all of which had a good response from the community and got favorable reviews from people who attended. While the courses were a great success, the administration and logistics of physically planning and executing courses in the traditional class environment presented a number of problems. Costs of running such workshops were also a problem. If we held a workshop away from Johannesburg it meant that we incurred overheads such as flights, car rental and accommodation on top of the costs of a suitable venue. It also made it for us to run workshops for people living in smaller cities such as Port Elizabeth. In short, it worked, but not as we wanted it.

So we consulted with the property investor community and found that there was an even split between people who wanted offline, traditional training and those who preferred to do the courses online. As a result we decided to take the courses online. Yes, I've been building a sub-website to the main Property Investor Network website. We've called it Property Investor Network Campus .

The Campus is fitted with an e-Learning Management System and will enable people to take courses on property practice using just an internet connected computer and their web browser. We've planned a range of courses and will be launching the first courses soon. We've already started blogging at the Campus and hope to get feedback and comments from people on the blog posts while we continue developing and preparing the multimedia course contents. It would be nice if people would comment and give us input into what they would like.

Campus is going to be an industry first for Property Investor Network. While there are property related courses in South Africa, none of them are being held online. So we're pushing the envelope in some ways here. I think we tend to do lots of that, pushing the envelope that is. Last year we were very successful in selling property online without buyers ever having seen the properties. I really like this part of the whole process. I guess that's just the entrepreneurial techie in me.

That said, Campus is really super kewl and I encourage everyone to visit the Campus subsite and see what is going on. While you are there, I suggest subscribing to the Campus RSS feed as it will be the number one source for updates as we proceed to launch over 20 property related courses. Members of the Property Investor Network will not have to re-register to another site. Their account from the main site is automatically being synced to the subsite. So if you are already part of the PIN Community, just login.

Okay, now I say login, but don't expect much behind the login. We are still building the course files for distribution and need to load them. That said if you do login, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the general concept. But the main thing is now happening outside on the front page of campus and we encourage discussion on the blog posts being made there.

So that is what I've been doing and will be doing for the foreseeable future. Hope you will take a minute to checkout the Property Investor Network Campus and get involved in giving us feedback by way of comments on the blog posts going on there during the launch.

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