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Sean Wheller
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Jan 10 2011
Getting Outdoors
Monday, 10 January 2011

I don't know whether it is mid-life crisis or just me needing to get more active or just the fact that I just purchased a 4x4 vehicle, a Toyota Prado 2010 TX V6 Petrol edition. Anyway I have decided that I am going to take up two new sports, namely 4x4 off roading and scuba diving.

So, because I now have the car I have started a whole new learning curve. Having learned to drive in the army in a Rinkhals Ambulance I have some off-road experience, but since practically nothing stops the Rinkhals and my current driving skills are better suited to driving on Tar, I have decided that I must learn to drive all over again.

So my first learning curve has been above the car and about 4x4 Driving. The internet is a great resource and soon I found which is run by Andrew St.Pierre White.Andrew has a whole range of very interesting and informative videos available for download to paid subscribers. The videos are very professional and I have learned much from them.

So far I have taken the car out on minor off road excursions, nothing difficult and have a good feeling for the vehicle. Even so I don't think I am confident or should I say I do not understand the actual limits of the vehicle. So I am off to take a full advanced course in 4x4 with the Stoney Ridge Off Road Academy in March. Should be good fun, I am sure that I wlll learn much as John is reported to be one of the best 4x4 instructors in South Africa. I hope to improve my driving skills so that I can take on any obstacle without risking the saefty of family, vehicle or environment. It should also be a fun, action packed weekend where family can enjoy.

As a I go along my 4x4 learning curve and adventures I will update my blog site which is sadly not getting much love of late.

Next is the Scuba Diving. I recently was on a trip to the far Northern Coast of Kwazulu-Natal and visited Sodwana during my travels. I noticed that many people were out doing diving and so I decided that I too had to get out on the ocean and under its' surface to experience what I only see on the National Geographic Channel.

After speaking to a few dive schools and instructors in my area I finally decided to go with Urban Dive on Beyers Naude. Before doing anything, diving is something I want my son and two daughters to do with me, so last Friday we had an introduction to scuba lesson for the two girls who are aged 10 and 12. They enjoyed it so much that they did not want to come back to the surface of the 3m deep pool. This week Friday is my sons turn and if everyone is happy then we start on a learning curve to become PADI Certified Advanced Divers.

All this new stuff is going to cost a packet, but I look forward to achieving what is the foundation that will allow me to achieve some of of life goals such as doing the Cape to Cairo and Cairo to Cape route and diving places around the world.



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