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Sean Wheller
Feb 24 2008
How to get rid of Bees at outside restaurants
Sunday, 24 February 2008

Bees - something I never thought I would blog.

I guess everyone has had the unpleasant experience of eating outside, whether at a restaurant or in your own garden, and had Bees pestering to get a share of anything sweet placed on the table. It's most annoying, not to mention disconcerting to people who are afraid of bees or afraid that one of their children may get stung by a bee.

You're going to laugh when you hear this solution, but trust me it actually works. I've tried it in my own garden at more than one braai and introduced the idea to several restaurants. It always works. 

As you know, Bees don't like smoke, it makes them drowsy and sets off natures alarm bell which says, "Smoke = Fire". When there's smoke around Bees don't like it. But smoke is also not something you want to have in great quantity when eating, especially at restaurants.

The answer is to place a table spoon of Ground Coffee in a saucer and light it with a lighter. Just enough so that a small amount catches alight and smolders. Any ground coffee will do. You know, the type which you buy in bricks from the supermarket and use to make filter coffee. It's widely available.

The coffee does not burn in one go. Instead it smolders and  slowly burns through. All the while it produces a light smoke and a pleasant coffee scent in the air. When Bees arrive, simply lift the saucer in the vicinity of the Bee and you will see that they quickly fly off. The other solution is to place sweet things like soda drink cups or glasses next to the saucer where the ground coffee is smoldering. It seems to kill the sweet trail the Bees are after and so not only does it keep your drinks safe, but it disguises the very thing they are after and so does not encourage them to stay very long.

Next  time you are at a restaurant or eating outside and Bees start pestering, give it a try. I'd be interested to hear your comments and feedback.

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Karen - It works!     | | 2008-02-24 11:58:45
You should see faces on people when they see this work. They are amazed. I am not sure why all restaurants don't do this. Bees are no annoying.
Brennan Carey     | | 2008-03-03 08:02:06
Interesting, but I dont drink coffee. Have to buy some and give it a bash. :cheer:
Keith Pickersgill - Chasing bees     | | 2009-01-28 02:20:00
As a beekeeper, I can add to this... if you do not have dry ground coffee handy (who has?) then smouldering a bit of sugar also helps. Place a bit of sugar in a spoon and hold a flame under the spoon. The sugar smoulders easily. You might look like a crack addict getting a quick fix at the table though...
Sean   | | 2009-01-28 02:40:57
Very interesting, I thought it was the smoke. Does sugar smoke when burned? Hmmm... must try it ... but not in public. Like you say peeps may think I am a druggie.
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