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Sean Wheller
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May 25 2008
Learning About Property Investment Starts with Property Books
Sunday, 25 May 2008

Lot's of people ask, "How can I get started in Property Investment?"

The answer is, "Start reading books on Property Investment and self-help motivation."

So I've launch a website that uses Amazon Web Services to display a collection of books, audios, videos and resources for self-help motivation. The site is aptly called "Property Books".

It's true, anyone can be financially free. Nobody has to work, but the path to this goal is not that easy. Again, if it were, then everyone would have followed it and everyone would be financially free, nobody would need to work, we would not have poverty in the world and we would be living in utopia.

Few people make it to financial freedom. The reason I believe is that most people do not have the mindset to ask questions. They don't have the will to learn, so reading is the last thing they want to do.

The road to building personal wealth starts, in my opinion, with reading. If you can read, then you have what it takes to learn. Reading is the most cost-effective form of self-education. It expands the mind, makes one think and nourishes the brain with information that helps one reach that amazing revelation called "Thinking for yourself."

Being successful may not be easy, but the road is not hard to follow once you are on it. It all starts with eduction and the willingness to keep learning. Every book, audio or video that one is exposed to has an amazing impact on our future. Whether we conciously decide to follow the advice we absorb from such resources, the knowledge dispensed in some nice way become fixed in our mind. The imprint remains and is the cause which effects how we think and what we decide from that point forward.

Many people come to me asking for advice on how to get started as a Property Investor, but when I speak to them, ask them about the books they read, they are confused. Like what the hell does reading have to do with helping me become a property investor and get rich. Most times, they have not read a book in years. Most times, they just want me to spoon feed them, and most times they want the spoon feeding for free.

So now I have a website to which I can steer people as the starting point of their journey to property investment.

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Gnarls - Nice post   | | 2008-05-25 15:36:14
Nice post Sean.
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