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Sean Wheller
Aug 24 2008
Let Me Help Make You Rich
Sunday, 24 August 2008

Once every 10-years an opportunity presents itself that has the ability to genrate massive wealth for anyone willing to work at it. South Africa is growing at an amazing rate and the nation has undergone some amazing transformations in the last 10-years. Virtually every level of South African society has been touched by it. I've said it before, I'll say it again ... The national media campaign that proclaims South Africa to be a land "Alive with Possability" is spot on.

Opportunities are everywhere. So much so that I must often go about with blinkers on to avoid seeing the opportunities that exist. For my entrepreneur nature makes me want to seize each and every one of them.

Then, every now and again, I see an opportunity that is really remarkable. The type of opportunity that only presents itself once every 10-years. When I see this type of opportunity I invest and commit. I've recently been introduced to such an opportunity and have made my investment and am committed to building it.

The beauty of this opportunity is that it is "home grown", that's right it is a South African opportunity by South Africans for South Africans. Best still is the fact that through this opportunity I can help make many people very wealthy.

While I am already engaged in helping people build wealth through my Investor Network family of websites, I am always interested when I am presented with a business opportunity that will build wealth for myself and afford me the opportunity of helping others build wealth. That opportunity is the Vox Telecom - Telepreneur Business.

The telecommunications industry in South Africa is worth over 100 billion Rand. Imagine having a stake in that industry.

The Vox Telepreneur Business opportunity does exactly that.

Vox Telecom is an AltX listed company and the largest Alternative Telecommunications company in South Africa. They have recently launched their Vox Telepreneur Business which is based on the Network Marketing or Direct Marketing business model. Okay, I can already here you saying, "Oh no ... not another MLM."

Hear me out. I am not one to enter into Network Marketing businesses easily. I've tried a few of them and not done well with any because of two factors. First I did not enjoy selling the product. Second I did not find the income modell to be conducive.

So what's different now?

Well, here's the short and curly of it. Imagine selling a telecommunications service as a product. One that helped people reduce their telephone bills by as much as 50%. Imagine selling a service where people could get paid 20c to 40c a minute to receive incoming calls. Everyone can feel good about selling a service like that because they would know that they are really helping the consumer to make incredible savings on their telephone bills each month.

Now imagine being in this business as the person promoting the service. Imagine if the telecommunications provider gave you a percentage of their profit from all the telephone calls your customers make.

How many times a day do you use the phone? I'll bet it's more than 5 times.

Are you starting to see this? This is a business where once the product is sold, the person who made the sale will continue to share in the profits of the telecommunications service provider for as long as the consumer continues to use the service.

Rarely is there a win-win-win situation, but with the Vox telecom business there is such a situation. The customer using the services win by making significant savings on telephone calls. The person who sold the customer the service wins because he or she makes a percentage of the profit made by the telecommunications company, and the telecommunications company still has a profit left over.

So how can I help make you rich? That is afterall the title of this blog post.

Well, I've created a website called PhoNet - VoIP Telephony . PhoNet is a Vox Dealer and markets the Vox Services and Vox Business opportunity.

Now here's the bit I want you to hear.

I am helping every person who becomes a Vox Dealer through the PhoNet Vox Dealership to build their businesses. Yes, I am helping each person who registers as a Vox Dealer under the PhoNet Dealership to become wealthy.

You may ask, "How am I doing that?

It's actually quite simple and I am not alone in doing it. I already have a motivated team of over 15 people standing by to help those who join to become wealth. I started helping them and they have seen the benefit of how I am doing it. They realize that they can easily replicate the process and if they are stuck or need help I am there to help them. Once you visit the PhoNet Website and see watch the videos, the complete story will become more clear, so visit the PhoNet Website now.

I could explain the whole story here, but then I would just be duplicating all the work I've already done to explain the story on the PhoNet Website . So I will not do the story again here on my blog, I will ask you to visit the PhoNet Website and register. Watch the videos, ask questions in the FREE forum. You can even call me if you would prefer to speak to me in person. Just dial 087 8082382 / 3.

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