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Sean Wheller
Mar 22 2008
Making a Difference with - TED - Ideasworth sharing
Saturday, 22 March 2008

I'd like to share a website with all my blog followers who, like me, are mostly interested in property and property investing, but more so are the types of people who are humbly aware that they are not perfect and therefore keenly interested in self-improvement.

The website I wish to share is not about property or investing, instead it's about ideas and sharing ideas. This is a central theme to our Property Investor Network website where property investors are joined as a community to discuss issues related to property investment.

The site I am going to share has been one of my most frequently visited sites for some time now. I am sure that by sharing it with my blog readers that I will be helping to enrich so many peoples lives. I hope that this site will help my blog readers as much it has helped me.

The site I am speaking about is TED ( ).

The reason I love this site, above all sites, is that because of the quality of the production, quality of the content and the quality of the speakers.

TED features videos presented by the best minds in the world on a number of subjects. The topics covered and information shared is simply astounding.

However, the reason I love TED so much is probably deeper than my own wants, needs and desires. The reason I rate TED so high on my watch list is because of TED stands for, the intent behind it is so true and honest. It cuts to the reality of the world. No corporate selling, no bullshit, just plain facts and brain stimulating ideas from the greatest thought leaders and visionaries the world has ever known.

Recently, I was listening to a video by Chris Anderson. In the video  he shares his experience of going from a billionaire .com owner to nothing. Having to lay off over 350 employees and how the demise of his businesses impacted on his life and personal well-being. It sounded exactly like me at around the same time, just on a smaller scale. Letting any number of employees go, people whose lives have depended on your business, is gut wrenching. They often do not understand which makes it worse.

I think millions of people watching this video can directly relate to what Chris says as they have experienced it themselves.

Some time back I blogged about a friend of mine named Gordon Mackay who went through hell and back. Watching people like this, listening to their experiences is a great passion of mine. I think it not only gives me the reality I need to understand and appreciate it when things go bad, it gives me lessons on what I should try to avoid. Stories such as those of Gordon and Chris are of great inspiration to me.

I guess I am also blogging about this, and the reason I never thought to blog about it before, because I am now in the process of launching the online e-learning website called The Campus , for the community over at Property Investor Network. Of course,  there's worlds of difference between TED and The Campus except that I hope The Campus can be as esteemed amongst the Property Investor Network as TED is to me.

It was amazing to listen to Chris speaking about TED and what he plans to do as TED Custodian. So I hope that people will visit the TED website and will enjoy learning from TED as much as I have. If this blog has helped you and you have found some value from being introduced to TED, then please post a comment about your experience on TED, here on the comments to this blog post. I would love to hear from you.

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Dom   | | 2008-03-22 11:30:46
Hey Sean,

GREAT BLOG! You've had me hooked for a while now. Thanks for all the info. Keep going. I'm off to check out TED.

Craig Goldman - Thanks   | | 2008-03-22 14:39:39
Thanks Sean,

You are inspiration to us all.

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