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Sean Wheller
May 17 2008
My Friend the Artist - Lost and Found
Saturday, 17 May 2008

It's strange how some people are just destined to be a part of your life. You may lose contact with them for years, but your paths are bound to meet in the future.

While watching a show on YouTube, some conspiracy theory about a one world government and chip inplants for all humans, my eye caught a name I was familiar with in the response videos. Curious I clicked through only to find a person who I thought I would never be able to contact again ... Warwick Harris. I could not believe it. That is the second person, long thought lost, who I unexpectedly encountered on a social website. Man you got to love the internet.

Warwick and I go back to days of study and had shared some wild party times together. Back then he was studying fine arts and I see he has kept up his passion for art. Back then his work was, shall I say, not my taste. But looked at his more recent creations over on and am amzed at how his work has improved and martured with age. Warwick still seems to be the same person I knew and liked so well all those years ago. Crazy, wierd and always on the search for something, dunno what, but will tell you when hefinds it. I guess all artists are like this. Guess they have to block out all logical thought in order to remain creative.

Anyway, it's great to be back in contact with Warwick and I look forward to keeping my eye on his work to see whether I can find something to add to my art collection. Who knows, oneday his work may be worth a fortune.

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