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Sean Wheller
Mar 04 2008
My Friend the Firewalker
Tuesday, 04 March 2008

Here's something that does not happen everyday. During a forum discussion on my Property Investor Network website, somehow the subject of Firewalking came up. What does Firewalking have to do with Property Investing?

Well it's the personal development side becoming a better property investor, and experiences like Firewalking are said to be positive and life changing. Anyway, I digress.

Eventually, one of the members posted a link to a site by a person called Allan Kleynhans who is doing this in South Africa.

At first the name meant nothing to me. I visited the Allan Kleynhans website and still nothing registered. Just then, Karen started laughing and explained how she was explaining to people on the forum that she had tried to get me to do a Firewalk and that one of our members posted a link to some guy in Durban that is doing Firewalks. I laughed, we both know my thoughts on this. No way I want blistered tootsies.

No sooner had this happen, I look at my mail box and there is a message from somebody who seems to know me. I could not make out who as the email address was not a personal name. Anyway, I read on and look at the signature for another clue on who this could be?

Did it come from Facebook? What is this?

I read the name again and nothing ... big blank. Then I read the domain name below the name and I recognize it as the Firewalking website I just visited.

Now things are looking weird. How did this dude get my email address just by my visiting his website? I did not fill in any forms or submit anything. Thinking this was a really kewl internet marketing tactic I went back to the site. Perhaps I can learn something here I said to myself. Let's see how he did that.

This time, I stopped and looked around. On the home page is the picture of this person who I did not really look at the first time I visited. Yes internet blindness. As I looked at the picture for a second time, I realized that I was looking at the face of a friend who I have not seen in over 20 years, Allan Kleynhans .

Amazing how things happen. There was no mystery marketing system at work here. He had been told by the member of my website that he had posted a link to his website on Property Investor Network. Allan's wife had then registered to the site and looked up the link in the forum. While scrolling down the page, Allan had seen a face he knew and recognized me. So he shot off a quick message to say Howzit.

All this happened in under 5 minutes. Now that is amazing.

Here's the downside. Now that Karen knows that I have a friend who does this fire stuff I am being encouraged to do this trick again. Man, I thought I had managed to escape from it last time, but now I am thinking it will keep returning to haunt me until I do it. They say there is a reason for everything. When something as strange as this happens, you know the saying is true.

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