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Sean Wheller
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Jun 11 2008
Obama Knows what South Africans Want
Wednesday, 11 June 2008

I dunno how many of you have watched Barak Obama's campaign over the past months. Brilliant, simply brilliant.

I am really stoked to see how, young people are getting behind change and how so many people have been inspired to cast their ballot and how the Internet is being used as a tool to connect and bring people together.

I was watching Obama's speech at ST. PAULS and could not help but think to myself. The Obama campaign was run on CHANGE. I think that if he does become the next President of the United States, that it will be the first really clear indicator that there is a movement under foot that is seeking to oust the ways of the past.

I think it is really incredible that a black man and a woman have been able to run for office. It's inspiring stuff, even without the issues they are campaigning on. Despite the historical importance of this, I see so many things akin to South Africa in both Senators speeches, that I cannot help but wonder.

Where will South Africa find leaders who truly inspire and can rally a nation to work in unison to improve the now and build for the future? Take time out to watch and listen to this speech and see if the issues resound with you.


The list of campaign promises we have seen from both Senators has been long. Time will tell whether there will be delivery. However, when listening to the speeches I believe it is hard for any South African not to see a resemblance of the issues we face here.

I could not help but wonder whether, if a South African leader was to run on the same issues, whether the nation would support.

I think a campaign of CHANGE lead by a visionary, inspiring and resolute leader, may be the chord that can strike a harmonious note in all South Africans. I see South Africans, across the board, losing belief and interest in leadership of the past. I see South Africans falling back in exasperation as a result of continued social marginalization and polarization. I see South Africans looking for significant change as the voices of leadership continue to drum hollow and the eyes of the placard faces seem to stare with ever greater emptiness.

As a nation we face so many challenges, but no more or less than other nations. The Obama campaign shows that when people work in a spirit of inclusion and participation that great things can happen. Sadly South Africa's present leadership lacks the support of the people and thereby the ability to build a 'just and equitable' country where every child can grow up knowing that attaining their dreams is entirely within their own power. Leadership lacks commitment to nation building and the willingness to address the ills of the people. Most of all, leadership lacks the ability to inspire.

Unless we have change from the ways of the present leadership, I cannot begin to see how the nation can even contemplate the challenges it faces. It's not that we cannot tackle the challenges. As emense as they are, I do believe still believe in miracles and believe that an inspired nation can build wonders and change history.

Is it my imagination or my wishful thinking reaching out in search of hope? Does it not seem that Barak Obama speech in the video presented here, is echoing what most South African's want?

Which of our leaders, not yet tainted in the public light, will come forward to energize and revitalize our nation, to restore hope, transparency and build a government where the people feel inclusion and participation is worthwhile and will help bring about change that will shape the future of our desires. Who is the person that can rally and unite our nation?

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