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Sean Wheller
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May 21 2008
Online property courses - Learn how to let your property
Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Finally property owners will be able to take a full course about how to rent their properties and do it online from the comfort of their home computer. Over at the Property Investor Network, we have been hard at work building an online university where property investors can take courses on all aspects of running their property investment business.

The first course to be launch at the Property Investor Network Campus is the Property Investor Letting workshop.

This course started in 2007 and has slowly been improved as we held 1-day workshops in major cities around the country. The problem we found doing it this way, arranging venues, travel and lodging arrangements was we never knew how many people wanted to attend. So booking venues and making plans all was much of a risk and hope that we would have enough people register to the workshop to cover our costs.

Part of the problem was that people could not always be available to attend a workshop on a given day. Many had to travel from remote areas or smaller cities just to attend. I remember when we did the workshop in Cape Town last year, there were massive floods in regions of the Cape and many people would not have made it if they did not have 4x4 bakkies and some will to risk not being able to get home.

Now that is all a thing of the past. The whole course, which was a very intensive 1-day event is now online and we can spread it over 8-weeks. Plenty of time for people to find the time to take 1 lesson a week. The course materials have also been able to grow as a result. 

Now many people may think that not having a teacher in front of a class, will inhibit their ability to ask questions. A fair comment, so what we have done is integrated a forum system with the online learning management system so that people can ask as many questions as they need. Each course we will launch has a forum and each class or intake gets a fresh board on which to start their discussions.

I've taken many online courses in my time and always found that they were dull and required me to do way to much reading. So we've decided not to repeat the template and have engaged in use of multimedia, especially video and video effects to make the courses visually engaging and entertaining. I hope people will enjoy the materials, even though learning about property law can be a rather dry subject.

Anyhow, I am really looking forward to conducting our first online course. I think we will also learn much during this first course. The lessons will help us build on and improve our existing formula.

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