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Sean Wheller
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Jun 05 2008
Landlords Petition Minister of Housing on Rental Housing Act
Friday, 06 June 2008

Landlords are organizing to petition the Minister of Housing to make amendments to the Rental Housing Act that will restore the balance of power between landlord and tenants rights.

Property Investor Network, South Africa’s largest online community for property investors has a prepared a petition document with the background, problem and recommendations as seen by property investors and is asking members of the property industry and landlords to sign the petition which they plan on presenting to the Minister of Housing.

According to the Rental Housing Act, after legal termination of a lease, the Landlord is entitled to repossess the premises. However, in cases where the Tenant refuses to give up possession in a voluntary manner, the landlord may not resort to self-help schemes. The Gauteng Unfair Practice Regulations stipulate that if the Tenant breaches the lease and the Landlord wishes to deprive the Tenant of access or full use of the dwelling, the Landlord must:

  • Give the tenant seven days’ notice in which to remedy the breach, and
  • obtain a Court order to evict the lessee.
May 25 2008
Learning About Property Investment Starts with Property Books
Sunday, 25 May 2008

Lot's of people ask, "How can I get started in Property Investment?"

The answer is, "Start reading books on Property Investment and self-help motivation."

So I've launch a website that uses Amazon Web Services to display a collection of books, audios, videos and resources for self-help motivation. The site is aptly called "Property Books".

It's true, anyone can be financially free. Nobody has to work, but the path to this goal is not that easy. Again, if it were, then everyone would have followed it and everyone would be financially free, nobody would need to work, we would not have poverty in the world and we would be living in utopia.

Few people make it to financial freedom. The reason I believe is that most people do not have the mindset to ask questions. They don't have the will to learn, so reading is the last thing they want to do.

May 21 2008
Online property courses - Learn how to let your property
Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Finally property owners will be able to take a full course about how to rent their properties and do it online from the comfort of their home computer. Over at the Property Investor Network, we have been hard at work building an online university where property investors can take courses on all aspects of running their property investment business.

The first course to be launch at the Property Investor Network Campus is the Property Investor Letting workshop.

This course started in 2007 and has slowly been improved as we held 1-day workshops in major cities around the country. The problem we found doing it this way, arranging venues, travel and lodging arrangements was we never knew how many people wanted to attend. So booking venues and making plans all was much of a risk and hope that we would have enough people register to the workshop to cover our costs.

May 17 2008
My Friend the Artist - Lost and Found
Saturday, 17 May 2008

It's strange how some people are just destined to be a part of your life. You may lose contact with them for years, but your paths are bound to meet in the future.

While watching a show on YouTube, some conspiracy theory about a one world government and chip inplants for all humans, my eye caught a name I was familiar with in the response videos. Curious I clicked through only to find a person who I thought I would never be able to contact again ... Warwick Harris. I could not believe it. That is the second person, long thought lost, who I unexpectedly encountered on a social website. Man you got to love the internet.

Warwick and I go back to days of study and had shared some wild party times together. Back then he was studying fine arts and I see he has kept up his passion for art. Back then his work was, shall I say, not my taste. But looked at his more recent creations over on and am amzed at how his work has improved and martured with age. Warwick still seems to be the same person I knew and liked so well all those years ago. Crazy, wierd and always on the search for something, dunno what, but will tell you when hefinds it. I guess all artists are like this. Guess they have to block out all logical thought in order to remain creative.

Anyway, it's great to be back in contact with Warwick and I look forward to keeping my eye on his work to see whether I can find something to add to my art collection. Who knows, oneday his work may be worth a fortune.

May 13 2008
Property News Blog - Property News You Can Use in under 2 Minutes
Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Today I managed to get my first video blog up. I've been working on this for awhile. A video blog that covers the property news in short videos, under two minutes each. This site is built with Wordpress, My first excursion into using Wordpress. Can't say I am very impressed with Wordpress yet, but then perhaps it's just because I've not been using it that long.

So, from here on in I will be blogging the property news in South Africa, perhaps a mix of international news, over at the Property News Blog website.

The reason I've decided to use video, even though it means more work for me, is that it's an easy way to get the news across for people in under two minutes. It's amazing how short people's attentions spans are. They have to read so much that if presented with a choice between watching a video and reading some text, they will choose the video.

That said, for those who do want to read, the vlogs will be followed by text transcripts that will contain links to the full stories. Just so that if people want more, they can link through to the full stories..

I'm still trying get myself accustomed to being infront of the camera and some of the technical issues of video production do present a learning curve, but I am happy with my first production and that it is a pretty good quality effort for an absolute beginner.

Well instead of tell you all about it here, take a minute to watch the whole video on the  Property News Blog site. I'd appreciate any feedback.

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