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Sean Wheller
Feb 03 2008
Property Investor Network Birthday
Sunday, 03 February 2008

It's one year ago since we launched our Property Investor Network website and it's still rocking and growing everyday. In one year we have achieved much and have over 1500 members. We've held our Investor Letting Workshop four times with great response and positive feedback from property investors. The course is even attened by property professionals such as principle estate agents. The forum is widely acclaimed as the best forum on property investing in South Africa and, some months, gets more page views than websites like Property 24. Amazingly the site sometimes also gets more page views that sites like iafrica who have a broader reach because they are not limited to the subject of property alone.

With all the success we still have many more things we can do to make the website better. We still need to encourage advertisers on the site for banners and directory listings and would like to have a few more products to sell. We do have planned some integration with the Tenant Profile Network and we want to make available some advanced property calculators and a property portfolio management software. These things are taking more time to get done that expected. Time is the main problem.

We're also planning the development of a few more courses on Property Investing. Commercial property investing seems to be in the most demand, but I would dearly like to hold a course on how to get started and setup as a property investor. In addition to building our own courses, I would like to resell other peoples courses. So far we have had great success reselling the Money and You course presented by Gordon MacKay. I've written to Dr. Hannes Dreyer to see if we can resell his courses, I've not heard back from him yet. Holding thumbs as his courses are excellent and of great value to any property investor no matter how experienced.

Partner relationships are hard to build and we still need to see some return from the partners we currently have. I would like to improve the business processes we have with current partners this year and hopefully add one or two more. Although I am not quite sure who. You see we need to find partners that actually understand property from an investors mind and have some passion about delivering true value for clients and not just fattening their own wallets.

All said and done I think that during the second year of the Property Investor Network can focused more on building quality and no so much on quantity as we have in the first year. We can also start focusing more on actually making money from the website and less on just building integrity and community. I think we have a good property investor community on the website. Most have excellent knowledge and have understood the ethos behind the website. This means anyone asking a question can generally get an answer and breadth of perspective that is pretty accurate. This is exactly what we intended and with more hands we no longer have the urgent need to answer every post.

Take it steady this year and build more steadily, I think that s our way forward. 

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