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Sean Wheller
Apr 24 2008
South African Land Exodus
Thursday, 24 April 2008

Good old Estate Agents FOR SALE signs are starting to take on a new meaning as more and more boards appear in our suburbs.

How many are because people just cannot afford the bond and how many because people are just needing to move and how many because the move is to far away shores? Taking the word on the street it looks like the word SALE in the FOR SALE sign may become an acronym for South African Land Exodus.

Seems like everyone I meet who is selling these days is making for the exit. I see people debating why and giving all sorts of reasons and of course the bold black and white issue which we just can't seem to get rid of in South Africa. I don't really care why people are leaving, each to his own. I know that I am staying. 

I've lived abroad for over 15 years and in all that time I can honestly say that I have never found a place on this planet that gives the lifestyle and opportunities of this country. Australia, America, Europe all have their good and bad, just as this country. The challenges are there and here. At least here I have more opportunities.

Yes sounds strange coming from a white male over age 35, but it's true.

Anyway, the cheese has moved and it seems that many can find it here, so they are going to look for it elsewhere. Kind of reminds me of the say, "Will the last person leaving switch off the the lights." Oh yeah, they won't have to, Eskom will do that for them. Oh dear, we must laugh at ourselves now and then.

I am rambling a bit here, but what they hell it's near mid night.

So it looks like there's gonna be one helluva party when everyone has left. Well, at least for those of us remaining. Skills shortages are going to make locals that stay a very valuable commodity. But I guess only valuable if you are not an employee and are self-employed or a business owner.

I dunno, maybe I am wrong, but I look around and see problem after problem and all I can see with each problem is an opportunity in waiting. All you got to do is solve the problem and I guarantee you people will pay to have it solved. Everything people are speaking about so negatively. Crime, cable theft, HIV/AIDS, load shedding, poor service delivery, etc. Man o man, there's a boatload of money to be made with so many huge opportunities.

The big opportunity is now. Interest rates up, costs rising and on and on ... it's making for some great property buying opportunities. So there you go. Next time you see an FOR SALE sign, remember what it stands for South African Land Exodus. Then think to yourself, "I wonder if there is a bargain to be had there?"

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