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Sean Wheller
Aug 14 2007
Walla! - The Place to Find Stuff
Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Always wanted to run my own directory, classifieds and job listings website. So I finally got around to doing it. I've called it Walla! after the expression one makes when one has been searching for something and now you've found it. The URL is, of course, .

While building Walla! i was contemplating the balance between how much to give away free and what to charge for. At the same time I was thinking of other was to possibly generate revenue in addition to paid listings. Here's what I found and what I decided.

For the directory I decided it was best to provide a free entry into at least two categories. I still need to build critical mass, so making everything paid would hamper me getting the site active with users.

For classifieds, I think I will let people post an unlimited number of adverts. Classifieds sites like Gumtree are already well known and very popular, so charging there is not likely.

Jobs I think will be free at first or free for up to X number of listings and then charged. AGain, it's a critical mass factor thing. Sites like Carer Junction dominate in this market and have very specialized systems.

So, where I can I will try to make some direct revenue. What to do where I can't?

Thank goodness for advertising. Of course there is Google Adsense, which is great, but I must say that Adsense is starting to get a bit boring. So I started looking for affiliate programs in South Africa. Jeepers it's not as easy as you would think when trying to find them. Turns out there are not very many. Even though you can count the good ones on both your hands, sign up to each of them is ... well a RPITA.

Just as I embarked on the long sign up process I encountered TrafficSynergy . If you are looking for a way to shortcut signup with each of the affiliate programs out there, then I say give them a try, with a single registration you get access to over 43 campaigns. From their software you can pickup your banners and get going quick. They centralize all the revenue collection and pay you out when the income from your campaigns reaches the amount you selected. So if you are running ads from a number of different affiliate programs, the payout should be reach more easily.

They're much like OfferForge but I think they are much easier to work with. Why do I say that? Well within minutes of sign up I was contacted by a person who announced herself as my account manager using Skype. Now that's what I like. Somebody that takes a proactive step to getting in direct contact and staying so.

As a setup my ads I was able to text message my account manager and get quick answers as I directed myself to places in their website I was not going to read. A few questions and back came the answers. I mean, don't you get tired of reading the same types of information across six sites? When you faced with one more you just want somebody to save you a few minutes and tell you what you want to know. Not have to read the same document all over again. How do I do this? Can I do that? Yes, no, sometimes, but.

Anyway thumbs up to TrafficSynergy for interactive service. 

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