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Sean Wheller
May 21 2008
Online property courses - Learn how to let your property
Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Finally property owners will be able to take a full course about how to rent their properties and do it online from the comfort of their home computer. Over at the Property Investor Network, we have been hard at work building an online university where property investors can take courses on all aspects of running their property investment business.

The first course to be launch at the Property Investor Network Campus is the Property Investor Letting workshop.

This course started in 2007 and has slowly been improved as we held 1-day workshops in major cities around the country. The problem we found doing it this way, arranging venues, travel and lodging arrangements was we never knew how many people wanted to attend. So booking venues and making plans all was much of a risk and hope that we would have enough people register to the workshop to cover our costs.

May 17 2008
My Friend the Artist - Lost and Found
Saturday, 17 May 2008

It's strange how some people are just destined to be a part of your life. You may lose contact with them for years, but your paths are bound to meet in the future.

While watching a show on YouTube, some conspiracy theory about a one world government and chip inplants for all humans, my eye caught a name I was familiar with in the response videos. Curious I clicked through only to find a person who I thought I would never be able to contact again ... Warwick Harris. I could not believe it. That is the second person, long thought lost, who I unexpectedly encountered on a social website. Man you got to love the internet.

Warwick and I go back to days of study and had shared some wild party times together. Back then he was studying fine arts and I see he has kept up his passion for art. Back then his work was, shall I say, not my taste. But looked at his more recent creations over on and am amzed at how his work has improved and martured with age. Warwick still seems to be the same person I knew and liked so well all those years ago. Crazy, wierd and always on the search for something, dunno what, but will tell you when hefinds it. I guess all artists are like this. Guess they have to block out all logical thought in order to remain creative.

Anyway, it's great to be back in contact with Warwick and I look forward to keeping my eye on his work to see whether I can find something to add to my art collection. Who knows, oneday his work may be worth a fortune.

May 13 2008
Property News Blog - Property News You Can Use in under 2 Minutes
Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Today I managed to get my first video blog up. I've been working on this for awhile. A video blog that covers the property news in short videos, under two minutes each. This site is built with Wordpress, My first excursion into using Wordpress. Can't say I am very impressed with Wordpress yet, but then perhaps it's just because I've not been using it that long.

So, from here on in I will be blogging the property news in South Africa, perhaps a mix of international news, over at the Property News Blog website.

The reason I've decided to use video, even though it means more work for me, is that it's an easy way to get the news across for people in under two minutes. It's amazing how short people's attentions spans are. They have to read so much that if presented with a choice between watching a video and reading some text, they will choose the video.

That said, for those who do want to read, the vlogs will be followed by text transcripts that will contain links to the full stories. Just so that if people want more, they can link through to the full stories..

I'm still trying get myself accustomed to being infront of the camera and some of the technical issues of video production do present a learning curve, but I am happy with my first production and that it is a pretty good quality effort for an absolute beginner.

Well instead of tell you all about it here, take a minute to watch the whole video on the  Property News Blog site. I'd appreciate any feedback.

May 12 2008
Ardent Community Merges with Property Investor Network
Monday, 12 May 2008

Today, John Becket and myself came to an agreement that the Ardent Property Investor Community website will merge into the Property Investor Network website. Ardent has been running as a free forum for property investors since 2004. The site has done well but has not expanded in scope beyond just being a great forum. John, wanting to deliver greater value to the Ardent membership has agreed to merge his site with the Property Investor Network.

This is great news for myself and even greater news for the community of people interested in property investing and wanting to learn more. John will be joining the Property Investor Network and contributing his wealth of knowledge and expertise to the community while he continues his studies.

John has been a pioneer in the online community with respect to the property industry. As an investor and estate agent he has a wealth of information and value to add to the Property Investor Network.

For Ardent members. I would like to welcome everyone and hope that you will find the Property Investor Network community to be as much a home as was the Ardent community. I am sure that all of the Ardent members will add great value to the Property Investor Network community and that they will derive greater benefit from the broader scope which the Property Investor Network offers.


May 05 2008
Remember the Browser Wars - Now its Social Network Wars
Monday, 05 May 2008

Remember the browser wars when it was Netscape vs. Internet Explorer. Well that was ages ago in Internet time but today there is a new war on the rage. The social networking sites are battling it out to keep people engaged in their social network.

Checkout this video that describes it and is helluva funny. 

Apr 30 2008 Gets Full Blogging Capability
Wednesday, 30 April 2008 has until now been a micro blogging service developed by some way kewl dudes down in the windy city. To tell the truth I never really did get the idea of micro blogging as it is done with, I always found Twitter to be a great tool for most of that and it has great support from sites like Facebook.

But today I got a Twitter from Richard Wooding, one of the developers at to say that the site is now enabled with full Blogs. Oober Kewl dude, Moggl with a full blog has now both micro and macro blog services. This is sure to build the Moggl social community and provide social animals like me with more avenues for networking and communicating with friends.

So kudos to the team for going great guns and sticking to them. The site is only in beta and has managed to build a die hard fan following who never seem to be silent. There's constant chatter at Now I am also blogging on Social Media at So if you want the lastest stuff on what's happening in social media, visit my Social media blog at

Apr 29 2008
Flock the Funtastic Social Web Browser
Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Everyone knows, Firefox is the best web browser, but today I came across a new web browser that is specifically developed with social media animals like me in mind. It's called Flock and is built on the Mozilla Platform, just like Firefox is.

Flock is cross-platform and is targeting the users who like to take part in social media sites like , facebook , YouTube and more. Flock already supports a large number of Web 2.0 services.

Apr 24 2008
Rice Prices - Pressure on the Consumer Grows
Friday, 25 April 2008

Rice prices and other grain-based staples should be set to go through the roof judging by the Key Commodities Index which shows an incredible spike in the Wheat Spot.

All this makes me wonder if we could see a food shortage in South Africa or not. Most of our population have Maize products such as Maize Meal as a staple. Such products are subsidized by the state, but if there is a shortage, I wonder what effect it will have on millions of poorer South Africans.

Apr 24 2008
South African Land Exodus
Thursday, 24 April 2008

Good old Estate Agents FOR SALE signs are starting to take on a new meaning as more and more boards appear in our suburbs.

How many are because people just cannot afford the bond and how many because people are just needing to move and how many because the move is to far away shores? Taking the word on the street it looks like the word SALE in the FOR SALE sign may become an acronym for South African Land Exodus.

Seems like everyone I meet who is selling these days is making for the exit. I see people debating why and giving all sorts of reasons and of course the bold black and white issue which we just can't seem to get rid of in South Africa. I don't really care why people are leaving, each to his own. I know that I am staying. 

Apr 23 2008
Bookmark Your Property Website
Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Today I launched another piece of South African Internet Real Estate. It's a niche social bookmarking website focused property.

The website is simply called Property Bookmarks and aims to give people a place where they can organize and share their bookmarks to websites that are in some way related to property.

As many know, I run the Property Investor Network website where there is a free forum and thousands of people interested in property chatting about all types of things property related. The idea or need for the Property Bookmarks website has been born out of the Property Investor Network website.

Apr 19 2008
Boycott Virgin Media before South African ISPs Get the Same Idea
Saturday, 19 April 2008

This is serious and I urge everyone who is anyone to take a look and take a stand before any South African ISP's try to follow what Virgin Media is doing.

The Internet is and always must remain the great leveler. On the internet their has always been a state called, net-neutrality ,  Simply put, Virgin Media wants to infringe on this freedom by making people running sites with the money to pay get faster bandwidth than all of those who cannot pay. The new CEO of Virgin Media, Neil Berkett, has openly stated in an interview that they think net neutrality is "a load of bollocks" and claimed they're already doing deals to deliver some people's content faster than others. They would then put websites and services that don't pay Virgin in the "slow lane", meaning those sites would load slowly and cause most users to give up using them, feeling forced to use whatever Virgin wants to push through their network.

We must act together to stop this as it will be devastating to the internet if we allow it to happens. 

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