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Sean Wheller
Apr 11 2008
Concerns over Electricity Hikes Good for Business
Saturday, 12 April 2008

Everyones a bit concerned, naturally so, about the impending 60% tariff rate hike on electricity prices. This on the back of the load shedding we're experiencing Eskom is not the most popular company. But it seems that every dark cloud does have a silver lining as sales on our Prepaid Electricity Meters is up quite dramatically since the news of the price increase.

Seems landlords are realizing that if electricity prices go up then they will have even heavier bills to collect from tenants. Which is not wrong and I think even more so a problem when I consider that Winter is nearly upon us.

Mar 22 2008
Making a Difference with - TED - Ideasworth sharing
Saturday, 22 March 2008

I'd like to share a website with all my blog followers who, like me, are mostly interested in property and property investing, but more so are the types of people who are humbly aware that they are not perfect and therefore keenly interested in self-improvement.

The website I wish to share is not about property or investing, instead it's about ideas and sharing ideas. This is a central theme to our Property Investor Network website where property investors are joined as a community to discuss issues related to property investment.

The site I am going to share has been one of my most frequently visited sites for some time now. I am sure that by sharing it with my blog readers that I will be helping to enrich so many peoples lives. I hope that this site will help my blog readers as much it has helped me.

Mar 20 2008
e-Learning - Take your Property Education Online
Thursday, 20 March 2008

Been hard at work the past few months and it shows, I've not been blogging as regularly as I would normally. So here's a blog to let everyone know just what's been keeping me from my normal things.

As you know I run the Property Investor Network website which has built a good reputation as the best online community in the South African domain space for people wanting to learn about property investing. Along with the usual community forum, we've been doing a number of other things for the community, all related to investing in property and educating about property investing.

Mar 11 2008
Bluetooth Advertising for the Small and Medium Business
Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Some may have noticed the banner I'm now running on my blog and wondered what on earth Sean is doing now. Well, I've finally found a way for small and medium businesses to use proximity advertising without breaking the bank. It's called Ad-Pods and I am now the Ad-Pod South African Affiliate. I've been hard at working putting up the new website and will shortly start on a nationwide advertising and marketing campaign to bring on board customers and other affiliates in South Africa.

Ad-pods is revolutionary, it turns the whole proximity marketing concept on its' head by finally making it possible for any small business to use Bluetooth technology as a means to advertise to customers. Until now it has cost lots of money to have a system like this and even more to keep advertising with it.

Mar 06 2008
Dolf Power Property Investing Rocking
Thursday, 06 March 2008

Earlier I blogged that Dolf de Roos is officially coming to South Africa and that booking were open. Well, some of you may have visited the Property Prosperity site and been amazed that the price was so high.

We agree and guys on the Property Investor Network confirmed. So we had a chat to Neale Petersen from South African Real Estate INVESTOR Mag and arranged some changes to pricing and addition of additional benefits that we believe places event attendance within the financial reach of more people and delivers incredible value.

Mar 04 2008
My Friend the Firewalker
Tuesday, 04 March 2008

Here's something that does not happen everyday. During a forum discussion on my Property Investor Network website, somehow the subject of Firewalking came up. What does Firewalking have to do with Property Investing?

Well it's the personal development side becoming a better property investor, and experiences like Firewalking are said to be positive and life changing. Anyway, I digress.

Feb 24 2008
How to get rid of Bees at outside restaurants
Sunday, 24 February 2008

Bees - something I never thought I would blog.

I guess everyone has had the unpleasant experience of eating outside, whether at a restaurant or in your own garden, and had Bees pestering to get a share of anything sweet placed on the table. It's most annoying, not to mention disconcerting to people who are afraid of bees or afraid that one of their children may get stung by a bee.

You're going to laugh when you hear this solution, but trust me it actually works. I've tried it in my own garden at more than one braai and introduced the idea to several restaurants. It always works. 

Feb 21 2008
Dolf de Roos - Live and In Person
Thursday, 21 February 2008

Yes, Yes, Yes ... It's finally happening.

I am so amped I can hardly hold myself back.

In one of my earlier blog posts I hinted that I knew that Dr. Dolf de Roos, world-renowned property investor, educator and author of books such as Real Estate Riches , Making money in Real Estate and 52 homes in 52 weeks will be arriving in South Africa for a nationwide tour during the month of May.

I suggested people take the hint and register on the Property Prosperity website . I hope you did, because bookings are now open over at Property Prosperity and early birds are gonna get a discount.

Feb 17 2008
Facebook totally Rocks
Sunday, 17 February 2008

Of all the things I've spoken about I have yet to speak about one of my fave sites Facebook. Bigger than Google, this site is totally awesome when it comes to the social networking giants. The programming behind this Gorilla is just incredible and deserves Platinum Kudos.

While most people see facebook at, well, face value, it is an amazing machine for internet marketers who understand it's deeper power. With social networking comes social marketing. I think this is the next big thing that has been missing from the internet since search engine optimization.

There's no end to the power of facebook and I may add, the addiction of facebook. You can literally spend hours on Facebook. This time, when used correctly can bring not just the benefits of finding long lost friends, but also traffic to your websites. I'm just getting to know Facebook and already have found great improvements in marketing and traffic. Facebook ads still have to pay-off, but I think with time it will. So I can't say whether Adword or Facebook is better. I think you need a strategy for both. However, where facebook wins is in the ability to build a large network and keep in contact and updated with what they are doing. That builds relations and so it goes on. Catch me on Facebook  

Feb 11 2008
Being Politically Correct
Monday, 11 February 2008

One of the members on my Property Investor Network , Gavin Bramley, posted this morsel on the forum. It gave me a chuckle so I thought I would just share the humour.

"Chatting to my sister in law on her 40th birthday yesterday (8th Feb) she tells me  that the power problems are causing a political issue and people have been asked to stop referring to these power problems as "Black-outs" but to rather use the term Previously lighted areas.... "

At least something positive has come out of our load shedding. 

Feb 06 2008
One word on HubPages - Brilliant
Wednesday, 06 February 2008

Traffic is no joke, it's the core of an online business. Tap into traffic and you have people visiting your website, each a potential customer. So when you hit traffic flow you hit a goldmine.

That's what happened to me today. This morning I created my first hubs on and by middle of the day I already got 20 hits. That's fantastic return for all of 30 minutes work.

Believe me, I'm out there in the thick of it and no content sharing site has ever given me that many hits in one morning on the same day I loaded content. I can't explain it, I won't even try. You must see and try this for yourself. So far I've created three hubs African Real Estate Investment , African Stock Investment and Prepaid Metering . Check them out. They're simple for now, but if hots keep on rolling, I'll keep building.

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