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Sean Wheller
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How I cut R500 off my Electricity Bill
Saturday, 18 July 2009

So you're feeling the pinch and to make matters worse, electricity prices just increased and now your electricity bill is starting to look much like your monthly car repayment. You've tried everything to bring the electricity bill down. You installed energy saving bulbs where possible, you cut back on the number of hours your pool pump runs, you only boil the kettle with enough water to make the number of cups of tea or coffee you want to make, you're more aware of the number of lights burning in the house. You ardently switch them off and tell the kids not to leave the lights on.

You've managed to reduce the electricity bill to some extent, but you cannot seem to reduce it further. So what more can you do?

Well, here's a nifty gadget that I recently installed in my home. It's an electricity monitor that shows me in real time, exactly how much electricity we are using in the home. This gadget is so accurate that you can see changes in the power being used every time you turn an electrical appliance on and off in your home.

When I first purchased the electricity monitor, I was thinking, "Well let's give it a try." In all honestly, I was sceptical, every year I buy a small mountain of gadgets. Some work, most don't and of those that work, I often lose interest and they sit in a box somewhere. Still in perfect working order, just never used. I must have a garage sale one day. I'm sure I can clear some mega space and make a small fortune back.

Anyway, I installed the electricity monitor and started playing with devices in the house. I was shocked to find out how much things like a kettle, under floor heating, plasma television and other devices draw. I was even more shocked to discover how much I saved when I turned off all the devices in my home that I normally leave in standby mode.

Now don't get me wrong. I thought I had done as much as I could to cut back on the energy we use in the home. But after 1 month when I got my electricity bill, I noted a R500 saving. I was amazed, but still sceptical. "Perhaps it was just a fluke.," I thought to myself "The municipal reading was likely just an interim reading. Let's wait and see next months bill."

Well, to my delight the next months reading came and it was R556 less than my average bill used to be. So I followed this for two more months and had similar results. I can only conclude that with the help of the electricity monitor, which is situated in our kitchen where we all can see it, we managed to cut our electricity bill by an average of R500 a month.

Now me, being the entrepreneurial techie, and already have a business in prepaid metering . I saw a business opportunity. So I contacted the manufacturer and arranged distributorship and to have a shipment of these electricity monitors imported into South Africa. I reckon if I can save money, then I am sure that anyone can do it. The electricity monitor is so simple to install, it did not even need an electrician. Just clip the sensor around the main line incoming to my electricity distribution board and hey presto the LCD screen showed me how much electricity we were using. Knowing this,I am convinced that others can do just the same and that I can sell these units to help them solve a very real problem.

Anyway, the electricity monitors are on there way to me and I've built a website from which people can find out more about this wireless electricity monitor device and where they can make purchase their electricity monitor. To launch the product, I've arranged a very good price and am offering free shipping to anywhere in South Africa until the 31st of August 2009. Since I don't have the units to ship yet, I am giving anyone who places a pre-order a 15% discount from what the recommended retail price will be after August and free shipping.

The first shipment should arrive in South Africa on or around the 15th of August, so anyone who orders now will get a good discount for their patience and I will extend this offer until the end of August to make sure that everyone gets a good and fair chance to take advantage of this amazing offer.

I'm hoping that others will try the electricity monitor and realize the same savings I've made. I mean my savings paid off the capital expense I paid on the unit in under 2 months. So, if you are looking for ways to cut back and to save energy, here's something you must try today. The electricity monitor comes in single and three phase models so it can be used in residential and commercial properties. It's easy to buy from our electricity monitor website and need no electrician to install.

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