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Sean Wheller
Home arrow Property FAQ arrow What is a Servitude on a Title Deed?
What is a Servitude on a Title Deed?
Tuesday, 22 January 2008
If you go and check in the dictionary, you will find words like “slavery” or “bondage” and though in this case this is not exactly as the dictionary describes the word, it is close enough. A Servitude is a right of use that is registered on a title deed. Land A allows Land B owner to use a piece of his land to drive on it, that for example can be a Servitude. There are types of rights like “right of way”, when there is a Servitude on land A to let the neighbour on land B drive with this car on a strip of land A. A Servitude is written in the title deed usually. Not always the case with Sectional Titles for example. Therefore, if an investor wishes to buy a land or property the investor should check for Servitudes on the title deed just in case he may have plans that do not fit with the Servitude, such as building on a road where the neighbour has a Servitude over to drive his car.
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